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Setúbal is about 50Km away from the Lisboa international airport, connected by motorway. The main options to get to Setúbal are by taxi (individually or in group) or by bus (departing from "Gare do Oriente"). To get from the airport to "Gare do Oriente" you can take a taxi or another bus.

The WINSYS conference will be held at the campus of Setúbal Polytechnic Institute, at the E.S.C.E. (Business School of Setúbal).
There is also a bus (not WINSYS bus) from Setúbal to campus of the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal.

Town Maps and Pictures

The contents of this section are merely informative, and should provide a general overview of some points of interest that can be visited in Setúbal and in it`s surroundings. For more detailed information we advise you to look into our links section.

Portugal, a country seating by the Ocean, well known for its tempered weather, kind people and excellent cuisine.
Setúbal, where the conference will be held, being just 48 minutes from the Airport in Lisbon is a City that faces the Sado River Bay, recently entitled to enter the most beautiful bays club.
Being an ancient city, Setúbal is full of historical places, like the “Convento de Jesus” a 15th Century Convent, which nowadays holds an Sacred Art Gallery.
The archeological Museum of Setúbal is a definite must visit place, that has one of the biggest collections of it`s kind in Portugal. It holds mainly pottery and other artifacts found in escavations in the Tróia Ruins.
Setúbal is well known for it`s fish Restaurants by the river that offer a major variety of seafood, in which among others are famous the fried Squid.
Located at the base of the Arrábida Mountain the city naturally flows into it, where beautiful calm beaches can be found, as well as one Camping Park for the nature lovers.
By taking a 20 minute ride in a Ferry-Boat that leaves the Setúbal Harbor every 15 minutes, one can easily reach Tróia, a small Peninsula, that has vast beaches of golden sand.

The picture represents Setúbal main Square, in which at the center can be seen the Statue of Bocage, one of the city icons, famous Romantic Poet.

Another view of the same Square allows us to see the City Chambers on the right, followed by the Church.

As observed in this particular picture, Setúbal has many pedestrian streets where people can enjoy themselves at shopping or simply taking a stroll along nice ancient streets and gardens.

This is one of the three harbours that can be found in the city. This one is exclusively dedicated to fishing boats, which supply the city restaurants with fresh fish, every day except Monday.

The "Convento da Arrábida" Convent, located in the Arrábida Mountain, just outside Setúbal, is still inhabited by monks.

Another view of the same Convent reveals a liitle Chapel facing directly the Sado River, a privileged place for comtemplation.

"Portinho da Arrábida", one of the many famous beaches that can be found nearby Setúbal.


Venue Maps and Pictures

Being the conference held in Setubal wich is 40km far from the Lisbon Airport, the information contained herein will help you reach the conference location in a much easier way. The information presented here is compiled from different sources, and should suffice you, if not, please look into our links section where you can find a lot of information not only about Setúbal or how to reach it, but about Portugal in general.

In the above map, in the upper left corner one can see Lisbon, where the Airport is located, and in the middle right Setúbal, where the conference will take place. Connecting the two citys, you have two alternatives, the "Vasco da Gama" Bridge and the "25 de Abril" Bridge. Either you choose one or the other the route will be made by Highway. We highly recommend using the "Vasco da Gama" bridge, which is a newer bridge and the vue is simply amazing, crossing the Tagus River, in more then 9km, besides it`s the shortest way.

The above map represents the Setúbal Peninsula, in which can be seen with great detail Setúbal, and it`s surroundings. The picture represented here, is just a lower resolution sample of the original map.

This map has particular interest because it clearly shows, firstly, the highway connection to Setúbal, and secondly, the ferryboat connection to Tróia where in the summer one can enjoy a particular calm and quiet day at its beaches.



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